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Cabbage Soup

High in fiber, rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, and very affordable--what's not to like about cabbage?

Ingredients Amount
Stewed tomatoes* 2 28 oz cans
Whole tomatoes* 2 16 oz. cans
Green onions (scallions) 6
Heads of cabbage 1large or 2 small heads
Celery 1 bunch
Green peppers 3
Zucchini 3-4, leave skins on, slice thinly
Beef or vegetable bullion crystals* To taste
Lipton soup mix, veggie or onion* 2 packages


Cut all veggies into small-medium size pieces. Put all veggies into 1 extra large pot (or 2 large pots) and mix with soup mix and bullion. Add about 3 28oz cans of water to the soup. After vegetables cook down, season soup with garlic, parsley, pepper or whatever spices you like. Try adding a little cayenne pepper for some heat!

Yields: 20+ servings (Feel free to cut recipe in half)

*If low-sodium versions of these ingredients are available, they are always a healthier option.


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