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Gary Brackett — Master Instructor

Gary Brackett, Master ChiEunning ChiWalking instructor, is a theatre artist who has incorporated various physical and spiritual disciplines into the theatre arts. He practiced yoga many years with David Life and Sharon Gannon of the Jivamutki school in New York City and has studied and taught Chi Kung (Qi Gong ) for many years.
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Currently he is the artistic director of Living Theatre Europa, based in Trieste, Italy. He offers ongoing workshops in Living Theatre technique, biomechanics (movement training for actors from Myerhold), meditation, yoga, Chi Kung and fitness for runners and of course Chirunning and Chiwalking .
He has translated the book ChiRunning into Italian and written the preface to that edition.
Come see us at our new space in Trieste, Perform, where we offer various disciplines of Mind and Body work!

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