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Richard C (Dick) Felton — Master Instructor

Dick Felton has run off and on all his life, however after getting serious at a later age - efficiency and injury prevention seemed like two things that would allow running to a ripe old age. His first course on Chi Running™ was taken in September of 2005 with instructor training in May of 2006. Certification followed in November 2006.
Dick states “Teaching the technique has not only helped the students I have had in my classes - it also clarifies the method for me each time I instruct. My own running has improved immensely using the Chi Running™ and Chi Walking™ technique” 

“You teach what you most need to learn and you give what you most need to get!”

Run 22 marathons including 3 x Boston, Chicago,Berlin, London UK, Athens Greece and New York marathons (3:41 PB)and also Tokyo in Feb 2015 to complete 6 x ABBOTT MAJORS. 20th Marathon was in Miami where I was 1st in Age Group 70 - 74 by 40+ minutes.  Comrades ULTRA 86KM on May 29th 2016 was completed within the 12 hour cutoff = 11 hours, 55 minutes, 59 seconds - THANKS CHI RUNNING (Hope to do “UP” run at Comrades in 2017!
Walked 1 marathon @ 5:32 to win 1st in age group (Judged Event)
Around the Bay 30K x 10 times - 9 x running and 1 x walking
Run 20 half marathons – 100th in Canada in Half Marathon April 2009 and 3rd in Ontario Age Group 60 – 69 with a 1:40:28
Walked 6 half marathons - 1st Overall, 3rd Overall, plus 3 x Age Group Winner
Cycled 10 x 1200 KM bike rides including Paris Brest Paris and London Edinburgh London [1400KM],
also competing in triathlons!

I have helped people change their direction in life from both an exercise and eating perspective, plus
helped them attain their sport and life goals. My most recent coaching accomplishment - 5 Ladies that I coach walking all placed in their age group 1 x 2nd place and 1 x 3rd place in Detroit Marathon, 2 x 3rd place in Columbus Marathon and 1 x 3rd place in Columbus Half Marathon (these events were all judged walking races). Exercise is one of the keys to mental and physical health.

Certified Master CHI RUNNING and CHI WALKING instructor
PTS – Personal Trainer Specialist
Sports Nutrition Adviser and Nutritional Consultant
Certified Comp Dev Level Coach with Coaches Association of Ontario
Member Ontario Association of Triathletes at community coach level
FaCT Canada Level 3 tester for VO2 and Lactate for enhanced training levels - injury prevent course graduate
Former Clinic Instructor with Running Room (all distances)
Coach at Feet on Fire Running in Sarnia Ontario
Road Runner Clubs of America certified coach

Richard C (Dick) Felton





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