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Ann Margaret McKillop — Certified Instructor

Ann Margaret McKillop, owner of My Fitness Recovery, is a lifelong exercise enthusiast. In her younger days, she was a N.J. track and field state champion, multiple state record holder, multiple school record holder and M.V.P.; at Penn State, she was Eastern collegiate champion, school record holder and M.V.P.

When a series of debilitating injuries threatened to end 35 years of running enjoyment, she was thrilled to discover Chi Walking® and Chi Running® by Danny Dreyer. After taking the Chi Running® course with Danny, realizing its benefits and being able to run pain-free, she immediately became a certified instructor.

She quickly found that Chi Walking® and Chi Running® were perfectly complementary with Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan’s “mastering the walk,” and Poo-Chi was born.

Now Ann Margaret spends her exercise time concentrating on listening to her body pursuing those activities that bring her joy and ease of movement. She is, in short, Reclaiming her Joy.

Ann Margaret McKillop

New England and upstate NY




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