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Joel Matalon — Master Instructor

Joel Matalon is all about transformation from the inside out! A certified fitness trainer since 1989 and a life coach since 2012, Joel melds together mental and physical wellness approaches with individualized communication to maximize clients’ performance.

Joel is an accomplished Ironman and Marathon coach,having clients thrive past the finish line annually, breaking their personal records in the New York City Marathon and races across the globe . Thousands of people he has trained and supported in marathons over the years.

Known as “Joe Fitness” in his community, Joel now holds the prestigious title of Fitness Idol, after winning the competition at the 2017 Mania Fitness Pro Convention in Boston. He is an international fitness educator and has taught and trained in the United States, Canada, South America, the Middle East, and Europe.

Joel is creator of the annual Chi Summit, a multi-disciplinary event that focuses on all aspects of well being. He has also created RunHabX, a coach/trainer course designed to restore the ability to move pain-free through a combination of Chi Running principles. These ancient principles with a modern twist allow people to run and walk with grace and power.

Never idle, Joel is also an international Skechers brand ambassador. He has been featured on New York’s ABC 7 Eyewitness News, Sports Life NYC, NY Daily News, Martha Stewart Whole Living Magazine, Martha Stewart Radio, and Every Day with Rachel Ray Magazine. His clients include professional and everyday athletes, celebrities, schools, and Fortune 500 companies including Disney, ESPN, and HBO.

Joel resides in NY area with his wife Birmania and dog Ironshadow. Coming in 2018, he will become a dad to twins: Julian and Juliana.

Joel Matalon

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