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Hyongok Kent — Master Instructor

Hyongok Cho Kent….  Hyongok   is also a certified personal trainer, she believes in a holistic approach to fitness that recognizes the relationship between the body and the mind and the ongoing dialogue between the two, her philosophy is based on a sound understanding of the body gained through an intensive practice of Chi Running and Walking and an extremely active lifestyle. Hyongok was not a happy runner until she discovered Chi Running, she was plagued by aches and pains both during and after runs, after applying the technique the aches and pains disappeared, she was so impressed by the results of using the Chi Running technique that she decided to share her experience with others. An experienced and inspiring teacher she gives private instruction as well as holding Chi Running workshops and clinics suitable for all types of runners from beginners to seasoned Chi Running veterans.  Her teaching covers introductory workshops as well as specialized clinics focussing on key elements of the technique that include hill running, lower body usage, postural alignment and core strengthening. Hyongok competes regularly in marathons and half marathons, often placing in her age category, she also practices Yoga and enjoys Chi walking and cross country Skiing.
Hyongok teaches all Chi Running and Walking workshops together with her life and running partner John.
Hyongok is based in Montreal and teaches across eastern Canada with regularly scheduled Chi Running and Chi Waking events in Montreal, south eastern Ontario including Toronto as well as the Maritimes.  Visit our website http://WWW.Stillrunning.ca for details of our schedule or if you would like a workshop in your area contact us.

Hyongok Kent

Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Eastern Canada




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