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Andrea Siqueira — Certified Instructor

Hi there!
Welcome to my Chi Running and Chi Walking page.
I am thrilled to be officially certified as a Chi Running and Chi Walking instructor as of August 1st, 2017.
I am first a mother of three amazing adults Jasmine 24 yrs, Ashton 22 yrs and Sebastian 18 yrs. I happily married to Terrence for the last 25 years.
I have lived in Okotoks Alberta for the last 24 years, prior to which I was born and brought up in east part of India,

Since moving from Mumbai to Okotoks in February of 1993, I became a mother right away at 23 yrs something that wasn’t part of my professional plan. However, three children later I feel I have made the best decision and now at 47 feel I have the same energy and zest for life as that of a 23 year old!
Once our three were teenagers and being more independent, I started to discover things I enjoy. I have always been a musician at heart, I love singing and I love children and so in 2009 I certified myself into becoming a Kindemusik Educator. I continue to teach Kindermusik from our home based music studio that Terry and our three very musical children teach out of as their part-time work during the school year.
I have always been a runner, being sports oriented in school growing up in India and so running wasn’t something new to me. I just wanted to run again without feeling so heavy and weighed. In 2010 I decided to get my runners on and head out for a little jog around my block with my daughter and soon my jog became faster and before I knew it I was actually running again!! 
I discovered Chi Running about 4 years ago on YouTube when I wanted to learn more about running with good posture and really analyse an elite runners stride and form. Danny Dreyer and his Chi running principles through the elements of Tai Chi of effortless and injury free running, really resonated with me and I was hooked! I practiced some of the elements that he was talking about and felt an immediate difference in my running and so wanted to learn more. I signed myself up for weekly lessons on the Chi Running school and I loved every lesson that Danny shared. He was easy to understand, there was no mincing of words and his passion was felt over the videos that I felt very inspired to get out there and practice these lessons.
I registered myself into a one on one lesson with a Chi instructor in Calgary, Charles Miron who helped me tremendously just a month before the Calgary Marathon. I registered to run the Half Marathon that year. ( May 2015) I ended up running my best time for the half in 1:56:03. I was even more convinced that the Chi running really helped me gain confidence in knowing my body was aligned and this really helped with my speed and I was not exhausted by the end of it!
I continued to practice Chi with all my runs in the summer of 2016, my husband Terry and I happened to get in on our friends registration for the Lulu Lemon Half marathon in Vancouver, I did a bit of research to find out if Angela James certified Master Chi Instructor and highly inspiring AMAZING woman was having any workshops and she was but not in our scheduled time there so I called Angela and set up a one on one session with her while we were there. It was the best decision and by the end of the year, December 2016 I decided I would like to become a Chi instructor like Angela! Angela got the ball rolling for me in this direction in January 2017.
So here I am after 7 months, I am fully licensed to teach Chi Running and Walking and I can’t wait to get on with imparting the knowledge of this sport to my Okotoks community and area.
I know what Chi Running has done for me, more than anything, Chi running has taught me to love my body the way I should, to be mindful of my posture outside of running and walking and this in turn helping me age with grace…well, that’s the plan:)
I look forward to the journey ahead with lots of Chi in all aspects of my life.

Andrea Siqueira

Okotoks Alberta, Canada




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