Penny Christie - Certified Instructor - Chi Living

Penny Christie — Certified Instructor

Penny is from Sydney, Australia, and is a certified Chi-Running Coach, as well as a Clinical and Counselling Psychologist.
Penny is interested in how her background as a Psychologist, can support her work as a running coach, and vice versa.  Both roles would seem to be about facilitating a growth process in the other, and, in particular, encourage connection to the core.  Penny is interested in what gets in the way of this connection, on both a physical and emotional level.
Penny is also interested in the practice of Chi-Running as a metaphor for how to live one’s life, where we are constantly checking in with ourselves and making modifications to increase our level of comfort, or to decrease our pain.
Penny has completed several half and full marathons and a range of trail runs.  Her happiest place is the trail, as it reminds her of the joy of childhood - a place where she can be playful and delight in movement.  This is something she loves to share with others, in her role as running coach.

Penny Christie