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Mary Shepard — Certified Instructor

Mary’s running journey began in 2012 at the age of 52 with a goal to run an entire 5K event after losing more than 60 lbs. Upon a successful 5K, she set a new goal to run a Half Marathon with 15 weeks to prepare. When searching the shelves of the local bookstore, she found Danny Dreyer’s book, “Chi Marathon” and began using the book’s methods of Chi Running and Half Marathon training plan. However, after completing her first Half Marathon and finding the race not as effortless as she had hoped, Mary found a Chi Running instructor and attended a workshop. Armed with a greater understanding of the Chi Running technique, she began training again and completed several smaller events - 5ks, a 10K, a 10-miler and finally, a Half Marathon. Each event was easier and proved Chi Running is effortless running. Her running became more relaxed, injury free, and fun. With confidence, Mary was ready for a greater challenge, the 2014 Inaugural Disney Dopey Challenge, which is a 4-day, 48.6 mile event running a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, and concludes with a Marathon on the fourth day. Mary completed the 4-day event which culminated in the successful completion of her first ever Marathon.

Since beginning the practice of Chi Running, Mary has completed numerous distances including two Disney Dopey Challenges, the Gasparilla Ultra Challenge (four races over two days totaling 27.5 miles), 20+ Half Marathons, and several multi-day Challenge events.

Mary is passionate about being active and especially passionate about running. She believes being active can improve all aspects of our lives. She enjoys teaching and wants to pass on the experience because Chi Running introduced her to a love for running. By learning the Chi Walking and Chi Running technique, she hopes others can begin a similar running journey that leads to a lifetime of fitness health.

Mary Shepard

West Central Florida


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